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  1. FAZE Toma

    Msd is best

  2. junior sanchez

    Make sure he doesn’t bite another player

  3. YahiaGamer LFC

    You know the drill: 1. Neymar 2. Suarez 3. Alisson 4. KDB 5. CR7 6. Messi 7. Mbappé 8. Mane 9. VVD 10. Lord Mustafi Comment who you got:

  4. imdad saikia

    Teeth solo😆😆😆😆 lmao


    That teeth solo 😊😊😊

  6. Dani Martinez

    Hi pin me 442oons

  7. Efso bir Kanal

    A-Z Suarez please.

  8. Hari Bhakta Shrestha

    Please make a video neymar move to fc barcelona transfer rumour.

  9. Pritam Marandi

    Happy birthday South American maneater

  10. فؤاد هجري

    من فظـــل الله عليه حـمـدالله رب العالمين أن الفضـــل بــيد الله يؤتيه من يـشاء طب الحــديث توصـلنا لعـلاج القــذف السـريع و عـلاج ضـعف الإنـتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب 💪 WhastApp 00212649557676

  11. Mohammad Ahmadzai


  12. lionel Messigician

    1:59 ThankYou Jesus

  13. lionel Messigician

    Its el classico 2018 MESSI DONT WORRY 1-0 2-0 3-1 4-1 5-1

    1. lionel Messigician


  14. Deeptanga Kalita

    Last time I was this early Neymar was at Barca

  15. Mark G

    We were 4-0 down to Liverpool did we give up? Of course

  16. iorkata bg

    I though s will be for SUUUUUUUU

  17. shabaka K M


  18. Vaibhav Hariram

    Luis Suarez, a character on decline these days isnt appearing much in your cartoons. THANK YOU FOR REMINDING US HE IS THE 442OONS POSTER BOY!

  19. alesantangelo


  20. Robert H Sports and entertainment

    Happy birthday I’m a Liverpool fan I loved when he was there not a ban wagon a fan since I was 5

  21. ashley makin

    Now when it was 2-1 to Arsenal Finally a new hope

  22. Mark G

    So without Messi Barca won 5-1, with Messi they tied 0-0

  23. Genesis Mitrakoti

    Who knew that a barca fan can make such a beautiful song in the defeat of his favorite club

  24. Oussama Ait amrouche

    Best 10 courtois cartoons

  25. Sasha Birman

    I just want to say that the best cartoon is the one from Brazil WC after Suarez bit Chiellini. In general, those first cartoons were THE BEST!!! So, please include the best cartoon! Thank you!

  26. Miroslav Mitic

    1:57 hahahahahhaa

  27. Kev Alexis

    The 3/4 are the same of the top 10 Messi cartoons 😂😂

  28. Messi Is Better Than Ronaldo

    I miss that match of el clasico 5-1 😭😭😭

  29. Darren Curtis

    Who misses MSN like if you do

  30. Daniel Neary

    Coey is not the best 🤣

  31. [JG] Jason Glassoe Fan

    2020 : lfc win the title

  32. Armaan Mirwani

    1:40 haha No Go No MEEEEHHHHHH

  33. Osezele Ebhodaghe

    ❤your channel

  34. JoeVlogs Poonanny

    Where is ‘just bite it’

  35. RoldofPlaysGames

    You going to remake this when u make a-z swarez...

  36. Davi Samuel

    And neymar vai ganha

  37. Osezele Ebhodaghe

    i have the same birthday as luis suarez

  38. Ιωάννης Ντούρλιας

    Top 10 Kane cartoons 👍⬇️

  39. Abdulla 2000x

    When is the mbappe q&a start

  40. van st252

    Hay đấy

  41. Ripoldlootlake Rip

    Suarez q and a

  42. Owens Little Brother Luis

    For 10 it said real are so bad that they will win the champions league again that does not make sense

  43. Xandro M.

    Suarez is competing with maguire for the biggest head in 442oons

  44. Malgorzata Durajczyk

    Harry liturely broke his heart

  45. Kevin Chang

    40 games unbeaten!! BOOM! hahahaha

  46. فؤاد هجري

    من فظـــل الله عليه حـمـدالله رب العالمين أن الفضل بــيد الله يؤتيه من يــشاء طب الحديث تـوصلنا لعلاج القـذف الـسريع و عـــلاج ظعف الإنتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  47. marcelo militello


  48. Mohamed Muaaz

    i like very much suarez cartoons beacause he is very cute

  49. Honorable Stanislas

    He's my favorite character

  50. SKa Officialy Dead

    In the intro of 9 you could do that: Suarez: and now the best 9 Lewandowski: i won't agree Suarez: Security! *Pique comes*

  51. Diamond Damian

    Lmao emery his voice changed a lot tbf

  52. asaf dror

    Do one of Thomashole Muller!!


    Wait what about MSD vs MCD Diss track?

  54. Mayank Bhatia

    Who is the better singer Luis Suarez=like Justin Bieber=comment

  55. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Thank you 442oons for making my A-Z it was so much better than Messi's a-z Siiiiiiii

  56. rnk 71

    Can you do "TOP 10 ZLATAN VIDEO'S"

  57. Jürgen Klopp

    Shit, how do these people know we bought VAR, thank god they didn’t realise we bought it when we played Barcelona.

  58. Balázs Samai

    My favourite Nice guy theory. My favourite is: 1:54 😂😆🤣

  59. IYBC

    0:11 why is Kane in the old kit?

  60. Oal Kazzoia

    It did turn around

  61. Okash

    Suarez's son is another carnivore

  62. paco ramon

    So the top 10 most viewed videos in this channel.

  63. Javi Rush Romero

    Hala madrid

    1. Javi Rush Romero

      I'm spanish

  64. HeroBorosTM **

    A-Z of Suarez. Who wants this drop a like

  65. xd ItsHoldz

    This video aged well...




    MSN best Cartoons

  68. Mr. steal ur comment

    Pause at 18:06 VAR says offside!

  69. Javi Rush Romero

    Al los primeros segundos las bolas que caen no hace nada pero las que se quedan son los goles

  70. Najeeb Gaming

    Do the qna with mbappe

  71. TheLanBet


  72. sam covington

    How is that 6 1 only 6th

  73. Lil Torres

    442oons do what if Southampton kept their best players

  74. Anirban Maitra

    Teeth Solo 😆😆😆

  75. ZăMaXzĂ AS GeometryDash

    Ronaldo Out is the best ever! But 6-1 is also good!!!

  76. Ivan Miguel Sabiano

    Happy Birthday Chewy

  77. El Culé

    Best Character in 442oons

  78. فؤاد هجري

    من فضل الله عليه حمــدالله رب العــالمين أن الفضــل بيــــد الله يؤتيه من يـشاء الــطب الحديث توصـلنا لـعلاج القذف السـريع و عـلاج ظعف الإنـتصاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞WhastApp 00212649557676

  79. Lemano TV

    1999: United is the best Prem club. 2020: United being beaten by mid table teams and the top clubs

  80. Leonard Webb

    Ronaldos from portugal

  81. Martin Puchinger

    what is with el clasico 0:3 … smashed 0 3 in el clasico they are missing Ronaaldo

  82. Country Iván

    Uruguayan im here!🙋

  83. Robert K

    Liverpool are top of league

  84. The Targaryen

    Did anyone hear the Neymar voice when Jurgen was singing

  85. joshua pang

    Happy birthday Chewy

  86. joshua pang

    The channel become famous because of chewy

  87. [JG] Jason Glassoe Fan

    2:43 anyone ese saw raheems kit switching side

  88. David Martell

    What about A-Z for zlatan?

  89. Aboubakar abdullahi

    I like Saurez voice 442oons are amazing. Amma Genius 🤣

  90. SaskoReacts 2

    How is the one from the 2014 World Cup missing? That's like the most famous 442oons video ever??

  91. Rafael Renteria

    I did not like this sorry

  92. Kaio Viegas

    The sight. Arda Turan.

  93. NES Retro Gamer

    Happy birthday always my favourite 💕

  94. Sasa Javor

    My mind: in 2020 his bad?!?!?!?!?! Me: go haaland

  95. Decz _88

    Do one on Harry Kane

  96. Maxwell Erickson

    Do A to Z of Suarez

  97. Teh Chin Siew

    Finally It’s about time

  98. Jamie-Minecraft!

    442oons flashback Gerrard slip. Since Liverpool are gonna win the league, we should revisit when Liverpool should have won the league, but Gerrard had other ideas

  99. Sivert Halvorsen

    Out of 800 comments you liked mine😂