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  1. orbitearth

    Dana white has now acquired the UF-SEA trademark

  2. Andrew Mcgovern

    They just have to do rudy like that

  3. Nettie Malo

    Covid 19 : just wait!

  4. Jesse Hernandez

    We have fucking idiots Runing the country. What can we expect.

  5. EnigmaDrath

    When's the MCU gonna remake The Toxic Avenger already???

  6. Yatur Sharma

    Hes been so careful with his words regarding XI, and so was that clip from CNN. Sold out media outlets at work.

  7. Resa Balsdon

    In our grandparents' youth the dog was #1 enemy of the mail man. Oh how the tables have turned.

  8. Mister Shopen

    Fuck yes! I've been enjoying Jelle Marble Runs for months before the apocalypse. Fuck sportsball-It's all about the marble races these days.

  9. David L.

    america is a joke

  10. Tammie Rice

    Learned more about the ins an outs of the government's around the world than I ever learned in school. Thanks😁. No really. Thanks John✌💖🙏

  11. Jessica T

    My stamps are coming in the mail... thanks John!

  12. Aasif W

    Wtf is this week's dose???

  13. EnigmaDrath

    This is why I never travel with cash when I visit the US. Am from the Netherlands and was holidaying in the States for the first time and a cop pulled me over and one of the first things he asked was if I had money on me. I misunderstood and thought he was checking to see if I were really a tourist and able to fund my holiday, so I said yes I had $10,000 but I meant on my card. That cop's face lit up and he immediately asked where the cash was and I clarified I had it on my card. He still insisted on searching the car. I didn't want to cause trouble in a foreign country so I let him (it was a rental and there was literally nothing of mine in there other than my bag, which I had on me). He asked me A THIRD time for the $10,000 and I repeated I didn't have it in cash and he finally left without ever telling me why he'd pulled me over in the first place :/

  14. Derik Loesch

    I bet John Oliver was scared of his shadow, but once he got used to it, asked if it would have sex with his wife while he watches

  15. William

    "the correct number of batters from 2006 for the president to be watching is fucking 0" - How THE FUCK is 2006 already 14 years ago? my mind went to like 1994 when Trump said that....

  16. EnigmaDrath

    "A payday loan is a quick way to get the cash you need to cover an unexpected expense, like a car repair or a doctor bill." Oh, you mean like things easily COVERED BY INSURANCE? America .... wtf are you even doing anymore?? >_>

  17. Its Mahko

    I wish somebody would love me and stood by me like HBO do with John Oliver

  18. Joshua Wendott

    Let's not forget "Hakuna Matata" Swahili words, was copyright by Disney 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

  19. Nicole Marshall 1913

    I know we all have made fun of "snail-mail" at some point, or been frustrated by it, but in reality, it is a staple of our society and WE APPRECIATE ALL OUR LETTER CARRIERS!!!!! You're still out there, no matter what else is happening. You are TRULY ESSENTIAL. Please stay safe.

    1. Shauka Hodan

      I feel bad for all the canadians watching this getting reminded that they forgot about mother's day two weeks back

  20. Dad1323

    Never gets old seeing that giant world record setting cake.

  21. Youtube bruh

    The English one doesn’t include Australia Canada New Zealand British Samoa Gibraltar and so on But your right it used to go England wales Scotland Ireland and Egypt India and Pakistan Burma Bangladesh Hong Kong Sudan somaliland. South Africa and Zimbabwe Nigeria and USA the Falkland S and Malaysia New Zealand And aussieland, Rhodesia and Kenya togoland And Yemen did I mention oman. There’s Ceylon and the Bahamas Gibraltar and Malta Cyprus occupied west Germany Iraq Kuwait Jordan and so on I didn’t get them all

  22. satvik keshtwal

    World's largest postal service Indian post service is best example for postal bank and insurance service

    1. Shauka Hodan

      "But real businesses can't lose billions every year." cough Uber cough -$8.5B net income last year

  23. Ashton Koole

    I live in new hampshire and I remember the news doing a peice in those 2 guys and how well they handle the protocol

  24. Scott Fahey

    you should talk about how youtube took down the Planet of the Humans documentary

  25. Agnes [Erin Kim]

    thank you for this john! ahhh i really hope the USPS gets the funding they need. and i love that the last week tonight team made these stamps as an actionable way to try our hand at supporting. bought a bunch of stamps last week and going to buy these ones too!


    I was really excited to see this video because I thought it was about physics. Of course I would have seen even if I read correctly

  27. Chyza

    how the fuck is john oliver of all people complaining about injecting politcs into news

  28. alphabet soup

    Little did they know is 2016 would be the best it’d be for a while.

  29. Kamryn Kant

    The British are influencing our elections!

  30. Brad Alkire

    @6:20 in college I went to my school's gun club just to check it out and see what kind of people show up at those things. All they did during the whole meeting was watch clips of John Wick and Scarface, further convincing me that people whose hobby is 'guns' are really just upset by their mundane reality and secretly wish they lived in a hollywood action movie.

  31. spaghet

    this shit so unfunny

  32. TeeJay

    Australia is sad we can't watch new stories. Please Sir, may we have some more?

  33. Kevin Fowkes

    I just read that UF-SEA is going to be a real thing! 😂 Great job John Oliver, even if you aren't going to get a cut. 👍👍

  34. Sub To This Cute Dog

    Love or hate Oliver but he's spitting straight facts.

  35. Monaheng Ramokhoro

    Shout out to everybody who actually knows The Emperor's New Clothes!😅😅

  36. LightDeathguy

    When I was 11 my class was shown a video of a woman giving birth. That was weird

  37. Noag Bogudki


  38. Anti-grammarnazis Action

    The right is crazy, the left is crazy. You just decide who you think is less crazy

  39. Japanese With Martin

    Dr. Bob sounds like a sad Seth Rogen

  40. James Bone

    Canada Post is a comparable service: it is a Crown corporation that is funded from its own operations, it services all addresses in Canada and is federally regulated. Yet, it has turned a profit in all but two or three years since its conversion from a federal department to a Crown corperation in the early 1980s. They make buckets of money on parcels and return all the profits to the federal government.

  41. Amrit Krishnan

    I felt that lmfao office joke

  42. Ryan Williams

    I just laughed out loud so hard when he said "with marbles for fans"...and I think i may be going crazy.

  43. Cameron Brtnik

    Since this aired, has Ivanka done anything of note in her dad's presidency? I'm genuinely curious

  44. Star Cherry

    2:22 That's nothing to laugh about

  45. 柳岑焉

    对吧,美國常常洗腦子女成年後,須对己付責一切,理財,行為,言行,,,,,,,,#◎△■●&卜拉卜拉,So,很大矛盾吧,对ㄚ,以前貓王和麥克傑克森期,都好好的世界丫,為什麼到日本台美禍克禍客機械人期,像,像,对了,偷偷跟大伙說喔,很恐怖很可怕的一件最恐怖驚悚的一位老女人,他有隐喉結,隱喉結,隱喉結吔,太恐怖驚悚可怕,就是,就是那位機械肢小女孩的那位老女人,有隐喉結,隱喉結,隱喉結吔,可怕吧,晚上睡覺想到有老女人是有隐喉結,会冰冰的不太会睡得好,麥嘻,,,太恐怖太可怕。 而且ㄚ,美國所到之处,长者皆亡,給幼囗香糖气水,然後用美幣誘,建通商銀,真的,然後就淪陷,佈滿世界,全奴作,抱他腿,小利益国无格,真的,一直輪陷,,,地球村。 嗯,要使世界媽媽咪ㄚ和修女及献髮咩众国,再次偉大,So,當然还有二位老女巫騎掃把,So,对了,那位老女人有隐喉結,隐喉結的那位老女人会是界內还是界外呢,,,??,怎麼弄ㄚ,怎麼分別呢,,,??,佚们,比科研功式还難測算出,,,唉,头疼疼,??,,,SO。

  46. Akshay Mathur

    what was that about metal hat ?

  47. YouTube Curates Content, algorithm is a lie

    Open it? If you say so.

  48. TikTok Video

    ... to by the few people who know about them as Dumpling, a nickname pronounced “Pelman"

  49. John Correia

    Some can be fooled all of the time. All can be fooled part of the time but not all can be fooled all of the time. stay Free

  50. Andrew Ryan

    UFSEA is now a real thing

  51. Saulo Lordão

    The fact that you didn't make a Marlon Bundo stamp is just awful, I'd pay international shipping for that!

  52. Djentmas

    Joke me John Oliver

  53. Spicy Oregano

    Did he say LBDT? Google said it's a dance?

  54. Splaticus Blah

    Trump being vindictive and vengeful? Nah couldn't happen because that would be childish.........ooops.

  55. YankeesFan0620

    In 2016, 3rd party candidates made a huge difference Trump only won Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania by a combined 75k votes and Gary Johnson and Jill Stein received 4.5% of the note nationally. If 20% of the vote for Hilary Instead, we have a different president in 2016.

  56. Djentmas

    Man...I really want to go to space all of a sudden.

  57. Sleepless InSeattle

    Best diet coke ad EVER 😉💜💯

  58. Esse Waxegård

    3:17 in hindsight that's so fucking funny

  59. Andrew Savin

    Learn more about the US legal system today:

  60. cody collins

    Wow a tv show that actually knows the correct time period for specific dinosaurs

  61. gosha

    John Oliver have a thing for guys like Adam Driver and Steve Mnuchin... You go Johnny boy...

  62. victor habinshuti

    "Do you how much a slave cost back then?" Wow. So ignorant but admittedly very funny that that's the best answer he could manage. Lol.

  63. zoezoe

    When I graduate from University a friend of a friend invited me to an interview in an "investment firm" I went there and it was a company like Primerica 😱 I was out in less than 5 minutes... No thanks! Later I went to Hispanic job fair and representatives from Primerica were there trying so hard to get people. If you need more info the subreddit r/antiMLM is great.

  64. UndertakerU2ber

    Lol Liberals are crying that their corrupt as hell party is going to lose once again. Why don’t you guys wake up and stop propping up the party that’s rigged elections and publicly said that civilians’ votes don’t matter?

  65. princessconsuela

    17:55 didn’t age well 😂

  66. Gacha AndStuff

    poor dude who thought he was in an ordinary interveiw.

  67. Djentmas

    In the United States, Being in considerable chronic pain for the majority of life due to costs or wavering healthcare is seen as the norm. It’s gotten to the point that my father couldn’t work anymore, and passed away last month after being in severe pain for 10 years+ not getting a kidney transplant due to insurance denying him countless times, even if I were to say TAKE MINE and be compatible. Had to quit working so my mom could keep working as a nurse during Covid. My sons mom has to choose between being a mother and going to school because of auto immune disorders and an inability for the insurance to pay for the infusions AFTER we paid thousands in copays which was in the agreement and deductible. The list goes on, but you get the point. I can’t just sit by and let people I love live thru preventable chronic pain as a regular part of life too.

  68. Best of CSGO

    No wonder your video is banned from hotstar

  69. da kaposy

    “Don’t let transgender penguins fool you” fuck all of this 🤦‍♀️

  70. Sierra Sky

    Please support the postal service

  71. Sean Z

    Just got my stamps.

  72. Fungamerplays

    2:53 He sounds a bit like Norm MacDonald there

  73. Photon -

    US deserves such problems like debt buying because of the sleaze bag lesgislators it elects. Who put into power all these peopke with their hidden agendas who think it funny to rip off the citizens?

  74. 中野梓

    10:47 I watched thies video to study Eng, but due to crazy words, it was too diff. lol

  75. Djentmas

    John Oliver mentioning Godzilla made my entire year. Fuck 2020 xD

  76. AnantaSesaDas

    13:00. That's not the traditional internet. More like the dark web level 3.

  77. Emerald Block Boat

    Talk about the whole Dominic Cummings thing on the uk

  78. Ivy S

    6:14 someone on the Last Week Tonight staff is a music nerd...

  79. Berkley Pearl

    Isn’t it crazy that this is practically relaxing to watch compared to the current situation. Is this what’s going to happen in June?

  80. Ivy S

    1:35 Everytime John brings up something British it's either "oh this is horrible" or "it's good trust me!"

  81. Henry Omana

    8:38 is now an understatement... 64 days to august

  82. Darnok X

    Ten days ago I had no idea that something like marble races even existed. Now here I sit eagerly awaiting the next Marble League to start, already addicted to the whole deal. <3

  83. Abhay Kshirsagar

    It's really hard to laugh without a laugh track 😂

  84. Dick Slang

    So jealous her dad got to bang her. TRUMP 2020

  85. Harshit Yadav

    The Bread theory is a pure lie. I have never ever heard of it. I don't know how they can add such bullshit in kids' books.

  86. tha Real Mike Zee

    I'm one of the few who REALLY liked •Anchorman 2•..."24 hour news channel? No offense, but you are a STUPID asshole." 🤣👍

  87. Billy Weed

    "Bring a White Man" is actually legit good advice for this situation.

  88. Ciaran Byrne Dempsey

    If people getting healthcare breaks the system it deserves to be broken

  89. Nic Tanghe

    should have voted bernie. this is what you get if you dont amerika.

  90. Nicholas Farrell

    "If you count Tim Gunn twice" Wait, there's people who only count him once?

  91. Atul Kumar

    Hey what r u doing comedian..what the fake r u spreading You would have read a little about what you are talking about. You would have read the book written by RSS founder. You are such an irresponsible person And you say that PM is against a religion. Do you collect information from social media This is such a delicate thing that you are enjoying. one should not speak about something which is not known. And You show me where RSS founders said that they were inspired by Hitler and they are 🐜 i Muslim Do not teach us secularism. If there is any secularism in the right then it is India. Come and see.

  92. Stud Lord

    I envy you, John Oliver from 2018, I envy you.

  93. Nick M

    so what do you propose Oliver, sports dont come back at all? Countries in Europe are opening up to accept tourists, no tests or quarantine on arrival. All we need is someone like you criticizing everything on trying to get back to normality.

  94. Pi

    Lol I searched for password manager + Snowden and found this funny video.

  95. Amir Ilan

    I wish we could still say "We havent heard from donald Trump in a while" simpler times :(

  96. martin njinu

    george floyd is the latest victim

  97. Shreyas N

    The irony of using the Eminem beat is something.

  98. Callum Johnston

    Watching this and realising trump is the president of the USA.

  99. Sprott Woods

    John Oliver should sing more often. Great musical number!

  100. IcyPinguin

    Sooo no reports on how China has full control of WHO and failed to report Taiwan reporting human to human transmission of covid-19? No report on Taiwan doing far better than any other affected despite being close to China. Wonder why...