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  1. ooh to B

    I wonder if Mikel knows there's starting to be unrest with fans again. From what ive read and listened to alot are saying there's been no improvement in the team.

  2. Ryan Lisboa

    Mount is good but not starting Chelsea quality, kovacic needs to start every game Jorginho every game. Pedro should be playing more often. When I see him play he’s running like a teenager for every ball. He’s an ex Barcelona player he IS good enough to start every game for Chelsea

  3. pralhad shrestha

    0:37 how's the injury?

  4. Naveed Ady

    Loserpool aren't winning the title.


    The aura and arrogance of a Pep Guardiola but the tactical awareness of an Eddie Howe that's Mikel Arteta summed up. How is it possible that relegation battling Watford have had a bigger bounce from Nigel Pearson than Arteta's Arsenal?

  6. Jj Levi

    Another Yes-man... I understand Arteta has no bargaining power since it's his first job but damn. The board did it again.

  7. Jamal Sinvula

    we have to go all out for a galactico signing

  8. Only One

    Mason Mount out !!!!!!!!!! Odoi out! Kova vs Pulisic in

  9. Billowsphinx 48

    At least he was honest

  10. Blink Sone

    FL: It's cold. Innit? Reporter: pay that bill 😂😂😂

  11. Dave Fincher

    What a good looking guy shit☝️

  12. Naveed Ady

    Mount needs to be on the bench want to see Kova playing tomorrow!.

  13. Papa Nabri

    Arteta: We might not sign anyone this month. Everybody: You mean you won't sign anyone this month!

  14. Trevor Ngorima

    #Sarri ball No result

  15. Al Azzani

    Get the Kreonkies out. They are destroying the club. The convicted Arteta to say what Arsene Wenger kept saying, we only sign the right players not any player, fair enough. But this mean you sign somebody not signing no one waiting for that right player. We need to remember that clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool and other clubs. They done the job and got the players they need they all won trophy’s since then. But we still waiting for the right player. I feel the right player is a new owner for the club.

    1. Antwi Banahene Arsenal

      You said all bros. I'm with you

  16. Hariharan Kumaravel

    Reporter asking if the next game is a must win to get top 4 . Seriously how stupid can you get.

    1. Hariharan Kumaravel

      @HaytersTV Realistically speaking , the other teams battling for the 4th spot haven't cemented their place yet. Chelsea with the upper hand but could still slip as they got some tough fixtures coming up and Bayern in CL as well. Top 4 is very tough but achievable. Should go all out for winning the Europa League and FA cup. That would be a successful season imo.

    2. HaytersTV

      What would represent a successfull season from now?

  17. Oroma Mark

    Arteta talks sense


    Well there you go... same old story... Nothing's going to change... And everyone is going to beat the same drum...

  19. Ebrima Njie

    Go for ziyech is a long term 1

  20. Pradhan

    I just hope Chelsea score first tomorrow ..Concession of late goals muddling up the teams approach.

  21. Jim Wilson

    Frank's getting as bad as Ole, all smiles, palsy walsy yet his team is playing shit, get your players to get their fingers out their ass, stop playing tiki taka woeful nonsense

  22. Ebrima Njie

    We need creativity in our midfield

  23. Abdirahman Aden

    Arsenal shit club we can't improve without investing money. 🤑🤑🤑

  24. Miker978

    Getting european football next year will be an achievement...Poor arsenal you were left to rot.

  25. FouR Str1ngeR

    that guy Kroenke is destroying the club.

    1. tgoon 90

      J B lack of ambition and awareness of what is happening

    2. J B

      Explain how?

  26. Dave Fincher

    Chelsea need a new strike honestly everything that lamps said after the last game was spot on and right . You can’t relie on Abraham plus they need to have that killer instinct you can’t practice finish you need to have that in your blood or you are simply not good enough. Newcastle game was a one off game I know that middle table clubs run their sucks off against the big one when it comes to game against their level they don’t care and you see that Newcastle lose at home 6:0 against Norwich lol. Chelsea need fresh experienced blood or Munich will hammer them in London.

  27. Telwin Garab

    yes super frank.... go for him

  28. Kunte Okonji

    Ha,ha what a joke!

  29. Val Mac

    What is the funny face all about? Lampard out

    1. Leo Sports and games

      Someone’s never even been close to Stamford Bridge.


      @Ervin Dsouza I have to be honest here as much as I understand the circumstances you're basically asking for an entirely new squad. Our defending has been atrocious now as a coach you've got to work with what you've got. Arteta's come into Arsenal and slightly improved their defence through work on the training ground. Our defending especially set pieces has been atrocious since pre season mate. What's the excuse for that? You can't argue personnel because Sheff Utd have worse footballers than us yet they can defend set pieces better. You've got Ole out here with a 150 million pound defence but because he instils zonal marking they've got the most conceded corner kick/setpiece goals. Work on that training pitch is equally important to personnel and i'm not seeing it...

    3. Dave Fincher

      Don’t question Frank’s commitment he is mr Chelsea 🔥🔥🔥

    4. Ervin Dsouza

      And replace him with who huh? Lampard needs the backing of the fans. It's absolutely unecessary how much he's getting. We had a transfer ban, hazard left What more can lampard do with an "okay" squad?

  30. Duy Đạt

    Does anybody notice that Lacazette didn't receive any decent cross from both wings. How can we ask him score when nobody give him a good pass

    1. Duy Đạt

      @Jermaine Thomas and zinowor:Total agree. That why I don't understand some stupid people still critize him when he doesn't score. He's really important in Arteta's system

    2. zinowor

      Laca isnt even there in the first place, all he does now is play at being a target man

    3. Jermaine Thomas

      Duy Đạt Martinelli and Auba make runs to receive it, Laca isn’t as positive going forward nowadays

  31. cloete mwela

    Why do you accept the arsenal job

  32. Debabrata Paul

    No Shit!


    This guy needs to play Ceballos instead of Ozil, Nketiah instead of Laca

    1. Bdbdb Bdbdbd

      Kunte Okonji better than özil tho

    2. Kunte Okonji

      Ceballos is shit! No wonder Real Madrid wants to expunge him. Arsenal should not make his loan spell permanent. Send him back!

  34. Ashley Hawkins

    yes yes

  35. Vaibhav Mohajur

    I am the ninty eighth viewer.

    1. tgoon 90


    2. Arpandeep Singh

      I am 680

    3. Vaibhav Mohajur

      I am just telling. If you have any problem you can smash the blue button.

    4. Умид Каримжонов

      Vaibhav Mohajur so what?

  36. HaytersTV

    Isn't this a bit of a worry? Well off the Top 4, leaky defense and a lack of goals, and no desire to sign new blood?

    1. Sammy Bear

      This season is a complete write off! They have to sign some players in the summer transfer and start from there

    2. aa miw1999

      @Mohamed Assila You're the negative one really. Criticizing shows that the person worries about the team meaning they love the team. Trying to act like everything is okay with the club when it's not is delusional.


      @Fernando Barreda Luna You can say all this and it's all good but I wouldn't be confident that Arsenal will make the necessary signings in the summer window with your regime. Arteta will fail at Arsenal either way simply through either not being good/experienced enough or the club won't recruit and back him properly. Also both of these possibilities point back to the board either way tbh. One of those scenarios is going to happen sorry to be grim but it is what it is.

    4. Fernando Barreda Luna

      Thats not what he said.Also, nobody is expecting to finish in top four, be realistic. The defense is improving a lot, anyone can see that. We were receiving 20 shots or more by game, now it's pretty decent. Even when we need to improve the squad right now, we rather focus on building a team for next season. Winter transfer is not always the best moment to sign, also the squad is not that short, the problem is we have multiple injuries but some players are coming out.

    5. HaytersTV

      @Mohamed Assila not being negative - just asking the question as we LOVE it when Arsenal do well

  37. Peterson Motanya

    This arsenal players are letting you down

  38. Santos Man

    We need Centre back and attacking midfielder because Chelsea is not an easy game for us Laca is not strong enough after his recovery from injury


    Drop ozil for Ceballos

  40. DEE DUBZ

    Midfielders don't assist or score. Outside of Aubameyang, only Martinelli and Pepe look like goal threats. I feel sorry for Mikel...terrible squad. Might win Europe though. KROENKE'S OUT!!

  41. Olatoye Temilade

    I'm sad by the loss but this might just be the best thing to happen to is at this moment...this loss might just have given us the right motivation for our upcoming arsenal,Leicester and tottenham games.

  42. Tokoloho Lesole

    Revenge time

  43. Hlamogolo Phasha

    Unless the tactic is sitting deep and low block you lot are gonna get thrashed

  44. Jamie Williams

    Looo chelsea have a weakness so what do arsenal have a weak midfield a weak strike force and and a shambles defence this is due to be a draw but if arsenal lose Arteta gonna look like a chatty patty that try to play mind games because arsenal have more weakness they can’t even focus for the last ten mins arsenal think the full game is 80 mins lol

  45. Aashis Rajbhandari

    He always want Gerrad in team chelsea inter and real

  46. Benprior1988 Prior

    Course chelsea have weaknesses like all teams well accept liverpool atm

    1. liam bourke

      You'll c in UCL boi

  47. Miftahul TANI, pujasuma

    Kapan Madzukic ke liga shoppy... 😅😅😅

  48. Joseph Karioki

    On your dream

  49. oun7es

    If you think Arsenal are actually going to win you're stupid

  50. mong Blue

    I won't be surprised if we lose agsint arsenal, Leicester, Utd... We deserves to be ducked up by such teams. These youngsters need to learn lesson. The fact that they are given opportunity every week,they seem to take advantage of it... They know even if they don't play well also they will be picked in next eleven. Lampard should stop his father-son relation with the players. Especially those England youths.

  51. yahya ali

    Well deal with me How about deploy 442 against Chelsea Leno Amn. Soqratis luiz kolasinac Gm torera xhaka saka Pepe Laca Sacrifice ozil cuz we gonna play for counterattacks . Gm and saka and pepe all have pace

  52. Throy Kydd

    Why did he choose this team...he cant tell me it's for the passion of football. There we so many better offers. Would of loved to follow up on him in the MLS or back in serie A because his form meant he did not need to sad

  53. Sean Lee

    Why can’t this deluded manager not starting Dani and hector absolutely disgraceful

    1. Sean Lee

      Trumpstein Oy Vey bluh bluh bluh bluh this club is absolutely disgraceful I keep hearing the same shit for months and you’re disgrace fan too

    2. Trumpstein Oy Vey

      Fool, they are not match fitness ready, there's a medical division in each club that accesses this, they can train with the first eleven even be on the bench if needed but has to be eased back into the team.

  54. bkholiday718

    I feel bad for him but he did not score no goal false title

  55. Olaf Schadler

  56. ItzJHUSS

    Wtf is this stadium it’s actually sad seeing Mario from UCL FINAL AND WORLD CUP FINAL TO A STADIUM WITN 10 people

  57. tristan michael

    Need Ceballos to replace Ozil

  58. Rudi Maya

    juhh gak ono penontone

  59. Jesus serve my life bro

    1 billion spent sense Fergie. Liverpool have not spent that much. Ole 200 million spent in the summer the highest in the premier league in the open of the season yet still saying rubbish


    Arsenal is coming back in winning ways

  61. King Khan

    This guy has the audacity to talk about Chelsea weakness what about ours you clown we are seriously a banter club it’s embarrassing we ain’t gonna win mark my words I hope we do but we are rubbish am not a deluded fan like all these new generation of HRsel fans that cry in they bedroom if you say anything truthful about the team you support I read some of the comments on HRsel omg so many people on here are lost of reality it’s sad people can’t face the truth on here they type sumet to just make them selfs feel better clown supporters

    1. King Khan

      Ville Slotter yeah I would want him to say we need to play well keep it simple all this bullshit we can exploit they weaknesses omg what a load of rubbish we are embarrassing excuse of a football club but we have fans say be positive ok if you fans want to lie to yourself and make out this guy has a magic wand and we gonna be where we wana be lol OMG this is why the football nation say us arsenal fans are the most deluded we will one game and all of a sudden we will be like we gonna win the league it’s a sad state I have seen what we have become over 32 years I have supported this club and we are no longer the club we was and also our fan base has changed so much so much delusion it’s embarrassing

    2. Ville Slotter

      King Khan wow ur very brave, thanks for telling the truth. ”Has the audacity to talk about Chelsea weakness” like lol what’s wrong with you. This is just a simple comment and you start to cry and then you trick yourself to thinking your a truthseeker. Like what do you wan’t him to say? Maybe you wanted him to say ”yeah i don’t know what to do against because we suck”.

  62. Herman Emai

    They are playing like badminton or ping pong.... No improvement... Not a fantastic game

  63. Herman Emai

    I thought when Arteta become the Arsenal Manager, they are going to implement the tiki taka or total football... So frustrating... The ball possesion was 50-50 or even lower than the opponent especially vs Sheffield...

  64. Mahamud Yassin

    A tricky game for both teams. But what has been happening to chelsea? Haven’t seen their games but they haven’t won since the beat arsenal I think.

    1. Ludvig Rudin

      Yes they have Mohammed

  65. Pinto 6 Times European Champions & World Champion

    They weakness to exploit and this Clown is a manager of Weakness FC 😂

  66. Chiza Shungu

    Arsenal will beat chelsea 3-0....I see this coming,am chelsea fan but lampard never understand our opponents style of play.Arteta looks more smart,intelligent and tactically better.

  67. Cush Messiah

    We support you coach

  68. Zero Effort

    Why do I feel like Arsenal is going to park the bus like Newcastle

  69. 2 demons attached

    It's like he was destined to take Liverpool back to the top, his entire personality is the perfect match. He is total class and his banter, way of thinking and sense of humour is like he was born round the corner on breck Road. His confidence and belief in his team is second to none. And he will be here to stay,,

  70. IE

    Pep is showing he's a checkbook manager. Moreover, if he doesn't spend his checks properly, he can't do well. And he keeps using Mendy in games. Whenever he plays, the club drops points. Also, Cancelo is not a good player. Anyone who watched him in the UCL last season would know that. Pep isn't even a good checkbook manager. He's had a lot of bad signings over the years, and it's catching up with him this season. Sterling, Jesus, Mendy, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez are not the best signings. There were better alternatives. Many players had to be replaced ages ago: Walker, Aguero, Gundogan, Sane and David Silva. Phil Foden, although he was promising last season, is not showing quality this season. It's reached the point where if De Bruyne doesn't do a worldie in the match, City don't win the game. They are being defeated or being drawn by too many smaller clubs. Guardiola has been EXPOSED! He should have stuck with tiki taka after his first season. Copying the hard pressing of Liverpool's style and going on counterattacks doesn't suit his players and it isn't his natural style. Tiki taka is what he does best. I would have recommended tiki taka for the PL games and then the hard pressing and counterattacking for SOME of the UCL matches. Not all of them, just some of them. He doesn't have tall enough players to play hard pressing, counterattacking style. And too many short players at the front: Aguero, Sterling, Jesus, the two Silvas. None of them are long range strikers. You need a long range striker like Origi or Coutinho to overcome low blocks. That's why De Bruyne has been effective in some games against low-block clubs, and Aguero less so. De Bruyne can put the occasional zinger from outside the box into the goal. The problem is that he's not a natural striker, and he misses often. These goals are hail marys when they should be the bread and butter of the club, and performed mostly by their regular scorer. De Bruyne's main job is midfield work and assisting the forwards. He can't be expected to play their main scorer as well. And Pep has to do the in-game management much better. He's lost quite a few games with poor subbing and late subbing and poor tactics. Giving away points in the last 15 minutes is very careless. For someone who is being paid the salary that he is, he must be more responsible. Anyway, at the end of the day, he has been revealed not to be such a great manager - as I said, he's a checkbook manager, like most of them (including Mourinho). It's not so much that he's doing much much worse this season. It's that other clubs are finding him out, and also the caliber of clubs and managers in the PL has improved from before. No more free rides just by throwing money into the club. Man Utd have shown that even if you splash money around to buy wins, it doesn't automatically happen. You have to spend carefully or you could handicap your club for years to come. The City boardroom have to look carefully at the position of DoF and see whether he's doing his job well. For the money they've spent, they haven't gotten the quality and results they should have. Pep also has a lot of input, I'm guessing, into the what players they get, so the next manager they get has to show a more keen eye for players and recognizing their quality, or lack of.

  71. Ali Behnam

    Awful accent

  72. Fabio Luisi

    What the hell is he talking about? Which game did he Mr Ole watched? Am in schock hearing what he said! Liverpool were so much better that it should be 6-0 or 7-1! They play on a different league then. How his players and man United fans could trust and believe such a manager and while talkong non sense and lies It's a shame for Man United. He is so happy and satisfied that they lost only by 2! OMG!

  73. Linnel Daley

    You guys need a microphone for the reporters Poor audio...cannot here the question...kmt

  74. Sanjeev

    Chelsea will be whipped into their rightful place as a 5th place team by the end of the season. Small club fucktards.

    1. Rupak Misra

      You have forgotten that humiliating 6-0...oh, wait, you must have forgot that 2-1 defeat too! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Andrew Salmon

    Cmon chelsea let's smash them good battering cmon you blues 💪

    1. Anton Henrysson

      Emre Akiliç 1-2🤪

    2. Emre Akiliç

      Lol not happening

  76. SuperFan TV

    Chelsea 0-5 arsenal COYG 🔴🔴🔴

    1. Chiza Shungu

      Close to that....Gunners will win 3-0.

    2. Jamie Williams


  77. hp 01

    man city will win the carabao cup, 50 50 on fa cup, and perhaps finalist on ucl, but loses. Progress in europe. Liverpool premier, fa cup 50 50, and i.ll bet champions league win.

  78. hurdy gurdy

    Not as many weaknesses as us tho. We're fucking garbage.

  79. Radjouh Akram

    Laporte can make defense more strong than now

  80. K FAYZ

    Come on Chelsea, this game is a must win after what happened on Saturday, like it or not, but it's a must win game

    1. Sammy Bear

      Forever injured. I believe he has a tight hamstring

    2. Sean Lee

      Sammy Bear wtf is hector doing this club is a joke

    3. Sammy Bear

      Niles has been playing fine and you do realise we are really limited on defenders, Arteta doesn’t have many options. Sokratis missed the last game due to illness. If he is ok then he’ll probably start over Mustafi

    4. Sean Lee

      I’m a arsenal fan and if Mustafi or niles plays we lose and I won’t be mad because our club is finished we don’t have manager who has the balls to play the right players

  81. fLightTakesFlight

    The only weakness is set pieces

  82. FouR Str1ngeR

    Just don't put Mustafi in the starting XI and we might get a positive result.

    1. Tokoloho Lesole

      He always plays well but he ALWAYS makes 1 or 2 costly mistakes when it counts

    2. yahya ali

      @Sean Lee well mustafi have a lot things bad but he also good in air duels , with Abraham it may change thinks

    3. Sean Lee

      If Mustafi plays I hope we lose to Chelsea so bad he need to start Dani and hector enough is enough

    4. Neil Thomas

      he played well man

    5. yahya ali

      Saka did well but we need kolasinac in Tuesday

  83. Hasan Rahman

    If the players aren't doing what told them to do, he must drop them so it can teach them a lesson because some of our players needs to be dropped

  84. Jammaman6

    We must win this game 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  85. zitoScine

    Obviously he won't, but at least his calm and composed presence will help those around him to focus on their own game and help the team rather than having to focus on what mistake is coming next that they have to cover for. With Stones and Otamendi in defense, that's not happening. Garcia is a good, solid, intelligent replacement that can play next to Laporte for the remainder of the season. Honestly our win rate with Stones and Otamendi in the team in past six months is appalling. CIty does need a CB replacement to complement Laporte and Garcia for sure. Stones and Ota are yesterday's news, toast.

  86. Marc Abi Saleh

    "Chelsea have weakness we can exploit" Chelsea 5 - 0 Arsenal

    1. Redux

      Arsenal weakness: mustafi David Luiz saka as LB NILES AS RB

    2. BreezeAgent

      @fLightTakesFlight arsenal have weakness aswell as chelsea can definitely exploit them

    3. fLightTakesFlight

      Marc Abi Saleh our weakness is set pieces. 1-0 loss to Valencia was a set piece 2-1 loss to Liverpool was a corner and a free kick 2-1 loss to United was a penalty & a free kick 1-0 loss to Newcastle was a free kick The list goes on...

  87. SNA Sports.

    Chelsea is gonna win again!

  88. Adam LH

    Arsenal are winning this one

    1. Andrew Salmon

      No chance lad

    2. SNA Sports.

      Adam LH nope

  89. Rrakhit26

    what is this embargo press conference?

    1. fabrizio ferrigno

      The channel stole the video so I guess they're laughing at HRsel, or perhaps the video is not monetized.

  90. Yousef Ahmed

    Why do clubs have an embargo session in their press conference I mean Manchester United have it arsenal have it what’s the point of it don’t get it

    1. Idiris Shekh, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet SA19b elev

      what's an embargo session?

  91. Yousef Ahmed

    Manchester City not replacing Kompany and injuries to Laporte and sane have hurt City this season.

  92. Ephraim Beleke

    Yes we can. Look at us 19 points behind liverpool

    1. Avishek Chowdhury

      This is liverpools year....So i dont think pep would be that worried.....L'pool so far ahead will actually help city now...They can take league easy

  93. Ibrahim Note

    80% of these players are not good enough for this club

    1. Sean Lee

      Why hector not playing wtf is niles gonna do that guy can’t defend and can’t cross it’s disgraceful for our manager picking the wrong team every game we draw or we lose simple

    2. Ibrahim Note

      @Marc Abi Saleh Under Arteta has been good but he still lacks good players around him. The big problem Arsenal have is that they Tarented players like 4-5 Upfront but they can't score much

    3. Ibrahim Note

      @Joshua Fernandes We need players who are concistent and who can play game after game. But many of these are just one game materials

    4. Marc Abi Saleh

      Ozil too good for arsenal

    5. Joshua Fernandes

      Yeh true we need new defenders true I don’t hate the defenders but we can upgrade we have some Good players like Leno Martinelli Auba Pepe Torreira

  94. Joshua Fernandes

    Come on you Gunners! I am worried and Chelsea are a good side My predictions 2-1 Chelsea I don’t want to say that but I think top 4 is out of reach unless we beat Chelsea.Come on you Gunners🔴🔴🔴Mikel Arteta’s red army

  95. Abdullahi Adan

    Arsenal team without Auba is gonna be tricky for them. We might have Pulisic fit by then

    1. Lord Ngolo

      Pulisic is reportedly not back before early February. CHO should continue at the rw, but Mount should probably start at lw over Willian with Kovacic playing lcm. Pedro is also an option as Mount and Willian have been very very poor. We should try to get a winger this window like Boga. We only have 2 good wingers (Cho, Pulisic)

    2. Joshua Fernandes

      Ik Aubameyang is a big big loss

    3. Abdullahi Adan

      Joshua Fernandes yeah but last game at the emirates it was all about aubameyang. He was even checkin back on to help the defense. Auba is gonna be missed on Tuesday

    4. Ace AJz

      No martinelli can lace his boots but laca can’t laca out

    5. Joshua Fernandes

      True we don’t have Auba martinelli is good but he can’t lace aubameyangs boots Chelsea are good and you have Abraham

  96. Shanti Shanti

    i would love to sing Jurgen Klopp song.. any day of the week YNWA from Sweden

  97. HaytersTV

    Is it just me... or do you all get the feeling that Chelsea are about to be ripped a new one???

    1. Sammy Bear

      No, definitely not but I hope so lol

    2. Mahamud Yassin

      Chelsea will try to come back from the Newcastle loss. Not an easy one for arsenal.

    3. Olatoye Temilade

      You'll delete this comment on Tuesday.

    4. Exceeding Panic

      HaytersTV I fucking hope 😂 but without Auba it’ll be hard

    5. SNA Sports.

      HaytersTV you’re joking right?

  98. duosacapuntas


  99. Rohan Franklin

    Not about cannot defend they need to start press from within the middle. David Silva should be sold becuz his legs are done...and Everytime man city play with a back 4 they are too open. The last 2 games with a back 3 I see a solid back to front so why did he changed that formation. Pep is not learning and he scratched his head too much....he needs to play 3 at the back .

  100. Not MainManMané hth

    ''We put on the pressure'' 😂😂 Give him a six yr deal!!!!!