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  1. porcelain heart

    "can we just like, have a dance party real quick?" love you MGK

  2. Kallen Pitts

    Ummmm. Can I please have more MGK Blink 182 sound. Yes please and thank you!

  3. bykaridr

    you'll be hard pressed to find many other artists that can masterfully make more than one different genre of music. maybe yelawolf from his trial by fire album but this mans can do straight up rap and then just straight up pop punk and not incorporate the two at all.

  4. Zdeněk Vysloužil

    Isn't there the actress from Lil Peep - Girls music video?

  5. Michael Lawless

    Keep the music going

  6. Black Rose

    I can’t be the only person that just clicked because of Megan in the thumbnail!


    this wave yah givin WIN WIN! Bless my G

  8. Mystical Fire

    This song should be put in the next Jennifer's Body movie.. We need a part 2 with this song. Fire.. 🔥

  9. Dianattz

    Not my cup of tea, maybe 15 years ago.

  10. Blondeboyplayz

    And if I must go and die at 27 Then at least I know I died a legend Now, will you roll and ride like we're together? And keep the vibe alive inside forever And feel me forever They say I need to slow down, but I don't know how Yeah Real feelings from past dealings When people counted me out 'til I grew up to count millions, uh Like I guess it's good to be different, huh? I'm a star so the sky isn't the limit, huh? I'm living like it's my last day Smoke as if there's not already 27 roaches in the ashtray Smile as if no one hated at all As if anyone understood anytime I evolved Tell me what do you do when your dreams come true? Buy a Bentley and look just like you? How am I supposed to write a song when I'm famous And all the pain is created? I need to overdose on inspiration 27 Why don't you just go home? Well, I can't right now, I'm a rolling stone And if I must go, and fly away And kiss my baby girl goodnight And if this really is goodbye Then let's set the city on fire Can you take me higher? Now, can you take me higher? Can you take me higher? Can you take me higher? If I must go, die at 27 Then at least I know I died a legend Will you roll and ride like we're together? And keep the vibe alive forever Keep the vibe alive forever If I must go, die at 27 Then at least I know I died a legend Will you roll and ride like we're together? And keep the vibe alive forever Keep the vibe alive forever I let these words seep through my soul And speak through the song 'Cause if one day, I'm no longer here in the physical Then at least I give you my voice to listen to What is a beautiful life without a beautiful death? What is a beautiful mind, how is our beauty defined? Is it for you to decide, is it my duty to die? No matter how I'm a member, just let me be remembered Kells Yeah, forever young, though, haha Always be those crazy kids running wide-eyed down the boulevard, huh 27 Bloom

  11. Carlos Alberto

    MGK is going to pump and dump Megan fox lol she belongs to the streets....

  12. AZ yes

    in 2020 this is funny

  13. Sarah K

    Is this a dig at Eminem again?

  14. Mohammad Pangcatan

    Dude, you are Rock Star right now? I thought you are 100% Hiphop rapper 😬 Rap is best for you man. Look you're viewers right now it's very small. 🙄

  15. Nedyah

    1:30 lol that's faze banks. put it in x0.25 or you'll miss it

  16. Sammy Fiction

    Is this what modern pop-punk will sound like?

  17. Jose Doe

    Is having Tattoos that make you look like a truckstop bathroom part of being a Rapper these days ?

  18. Danaja Kepic

    the amount of times i listened to this song is unhealthy

  19. Kestral Bossard-Kruger

    MGK looks so sad in this video.

  20. Jordan Green


  21. artemis fowl

    i’m getting mcr/all american rejects/sum 41/all time low vibes

  22. Kohl Yardley

    You suck

  23. KutaesLonJalpei

    Who gives dislikes wtf???

  24. Henry Drayton

    I know I'm not the only one looking for megan's weird thumbs throughout the video

  25. Dr.Winslow

    I feel like MGK is in a positive atmosphere when he does this genre of music. Nothing seems forced and comes natural. Looks like he’s actually having fun.

  26. YB GANG


  27. dimchy 420


  28. Chris Hughes

    I remember when Megan was hot. Now she is just plastic, much like MGK's music. Should have stayed with Brian and the kids instead of that low rent wannabe.

  29. KDK

    I love how much MGKs sound has evolved. I always liked the music but I’ve just been getting more and more into it with each new track. Definitely one of my favorite artists right now.

  30. MrCloud182

    This song has no soul, its literally a copy of the trend pop punk songs of 2000-2005. He didn't creat anything new he just took the cool stuf from pop punk and put It all in one song. I like pop punk, the old bands like Blink 182, Sum41, Green Day etc, because those guys were creating new things, they were real musicians, but MGK its just an opportunist.

  31. Saladin

    This whole song is its own straight vibe

  32. Josiah Boyd

    8 years later and this this is a banger. Just realized that Johnny dang was in the video

  33. Rob Real

    Eminem ruined his career so bad that he's now the Punk-Rock artist he's always been. HipHop was just nothing more than a way for him to take from Hiphop Culture. And to use a stepping stone to be a Punk Rock Kid. Shit is disgusting.

  34. Yer Da

    And he calls himself a rapper 🤦🏽‍♂️

  35. Canadian Leaf Games

    2020 baby. Thanks for this one again. First favorite ever. God i needed this.

  36. Queen M America

    Stay the way you are always #MGK

  37. Lure Art

    Damn.... MGK's this style is awesome.... I think this album will be amazing.

  38. King Corn

    She cheated on her husband with him and is getting a divorce to be with him. That's what I think.

  39. Rob Real

    Typical white Boy rapper move(Except for Eminem). If rap don't work...then they go the Rock Music route(Kid Rock, etc). And Some start off as Rock Stars and then turn into rappers(Beastie Boys, Post Malone, and many more). This is something that Black artist don't have the option to do. And best believe white artist are gonna always milk money out of music culture like a motherfucker. Typical White man move by design. And to top it off, artist like Yellawolf thinks he can go around saying the N word just because he was part of the Hiphop culture at once. Shit crazy

  40. Fresh Avocado

    The make that she is a mom too is crazy 🤯

  41. Mr Blake

    Em really Destroyed his rap career lol 🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Mely's Corner

    Cute couple!

  43. J C

    Megan Fox is pretty but I think she has some surgeries done on her face🥺

  44. Jackson Goodman

    So no more rap?

  45. Triston Pendarvis

    why does the person ln the thumbnail look like flamingo and billie elish combined


    Start a rock band man

  47. 602kriz

    Can y’all make an edit where it’s muted and it’s just Megan Fox pls

  48. Leanne Graham

    Love him so much ❤

  49. Ed Perez

    Tryn figure our whats more important money or my soul.... YOUR SOUL BROOOO!!!!💯💯💯💯💯

  50. Pero Peric

    So the keyboard shit is just magic ?

  51. Second Augustus Official

    Rapper to a Rock and Roll punk...what a major way to punk your career....MGK has gone unstable.

  52. Janie Tyler

    Gross Halsey

  53. Llogo Sounds

    Mgk my favourite rapper ever. His music changed mindset. EST forever

  54. Jan Van Potgieter

    From Rap Devil to Rock Devil.....

  55. Rick Gindoy

    I can tell he is a Blink 182 fan!

  56. lewis smith


  57. SketchyAnipeZ

    This song hits different.

  58. 悟 りs ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ʀ ʏ

    *I Honestly Love How Mgk Is Right Now In The Rap Scene!*

  59. Syntechi Gaming

    Man went from rap devil to rock culture mad quick

  60. Madeline Bush

    I’m super mad that I just found this song.

  61. Juner

    Куколд xdddd

  62. Melanie Dean

    Chip off the old block ay. Lol

  63. Ricardo González

    In my yead..

  64. Matt McGovern

    This guy is alright, song sick and he went into a better direction after Eminem ripped him. He's trying to hard to sound like blink though.

  65. Anthony Austin

    Circa blink 182 15 years ago!

  66. warmlittlediamond

    Muted this. Just came to see Megan Fox.

  67. aidah

    quarantine did u good, thanks for the sick track

  68. Ivan Lizarraga

    Algún latino presente ?

  69. Zach Orban

    Where did he get an accent....😆😂😂

  70. Michael Stubbs

    That girl is rocking that shaved head

  71. EST 4 LIFE

    I just realized megan fox and Madison beer looks the same

  72. HectorsLand

    So this is the guy that wanted to pissed Eminem?? And talk about his daughter?? No wonder why em killed him and now he is punk rock hahaha

  73. Josh Dubson

    I like mgk more as a pop punk artist than a rapper.

  74. Lochlannn

    The 2000’s are back baby!!! 🎉😍

  75. KJO Videos

    WOAH 1:31 Faze Banks??

  76. boxing king

    Dam megan fox is still fucking hot

  77. Fathoms Below

    🙄 this shits what's wrong with music these days. Whole song glamorizing taking drugs. The shit ain't cool and you just look like a junkie doing it.

  78. Don Savage

    MGK is The only one who can still kill it after being destroyed by Eminem 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Iván Gonzalo

    Someone else can't stop watching this????

  80. DumbassSportsFan

    mans went from dissing eminiem to a disney channel artist

  81. Ner0xci

    Came here for Megan Fox and stayed for Megan Fox. But seriously the music is dope 👍

  82. The_Mr_Xo

    Its sad it took quarantine for people to see how talented mgk is.

  83. Asma abu-selmia

    amazing song

  84. Sol Paredes

    I love this song 🖤🖤🖤

  85. Anthony Moore

    She only done this coz their filming a movie together

  86. Stel’Yah

    I can hear this in a coming of age movie !

  87. Taha Rana

    who came here just to see megan fox

  88. Jessie Gasc

    I’ve watched this at least 17 times already. Bringing me back to 2009 is just what the fuck I needed.

  89. 🔥💣💥💥💥čalabeatz

    Who is here for Megan 😂😂😂

  90. Whitney Tolbert

    they should make a book

  91. Paul Vivier

    She is the butterfly that needs to fly flower to flower. Right now she's on MGKs

  92. Taryn Rowles

    omg mgk is so fine

  93. Shiza

    this is the mgk i never knew i needed brooooooo this too sick

  94. Taryn Rowles

    wow this is a WHOLE different kind of music for him.

  95. Hello Kitty

    Myyyyyyy song ❤️❤️❤️✌️

  96. F goon

    This dude can do every genre ❤️ Respekt+

  97. Yoyoa chan

    I Miss you Kennu Can you read this?

  98. Soul Consciousness

    so epic

  99. Sebas Auditore

    I came for Megan Mgk sucks specially this song Sorry mgk fans

  100. byron ruano

    Lol. M ruin is hip hop dream and now his doing rock. Stop making music bro