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  1. Florin Nedelut

    Bruh are they having se*

  2. Sorf Primal

    David Goggins: *hold my boat*

  3. Random Facts

    Smash dat liek

  4. Enrique6700

    This guy can't do push ups correctly and he believes that he breaks records XD

  5. seeni gzty

    This is becoming a series 😂😂

  6. Ernest Anonde

    AWESOME...I accept the challenge...I wiil do 60 push ups in 30 seconds. watch out!!!

  7. R Ninja

    That impressive but what really impressive is how he made 30 seconds of push ups into a 5 minute video

  8. Brandy Malsack

    45 sec

  9. Nueve Elusive

    Hands need to be under shoulders and elbows need to be tucked in.

  10. NET_ FREAK_1918

    My god yoll wanaa reach to infinity

  11. The Platinum Tugboat

    I thought this was one of the videos from Wired. The format is almost identical in the title, kind of a bummer to find out it is someone who Im not familiar with. Great video tho.

  12. Schnulle 22

    @browney hey! Love the videos! I attempted to beat your pull ups and I did! I direct messaged you as well on Instagram the video Is on my HRsel!

  13. Kerrielee Ibarra

    First one there was a man in green and was laying down and pushing the guy that's my theory

  14. Taxonomic Quantum

    She’s a strength digger which is more acceptable than a gold digger

  15. Shashank Singhal

    Short, precise and nice!💯

  16. whimsyeverafter


  17. Playboialex

    This is so weird to watch wtf

    1. seeni gzty

      I fucking swear, that I was thinking about trying to break this record...

  18. Lulzim Munishi

    It's sad how only 80k people clicked on this video

  19. Bogdan

    Road to the dream! Родз дрим!

  20. Your Dictionary

    I smashed my teeth trying to do one of them lol

  21. Faye Boy

    U can get a more beautiful girlfriend bro 🤣

  22. matthew donovan

    sorry mate the world record is 120 in 30 secs

  23. R.KH4TT4K KanekiNezuko

    2:35 I have trypophobia

  24. Estanislao Mendívil

    This is literally one of the most complete and reasonable videos I've seen, you are a great guy! Good content, actually saying how things work, unlike many other influencers

  25. Julen Marmol

    0 proper form push ups

  26. Abi Ward


  27. kappi pro

    i did 21 with my friend

  28. TeDoenVandaag

    Opeens NL vond ik wel grappig😂 ik wist niet eens dat je NLer was

  29. انا الاوتاكو

    I don't wanna fight you 😂😂

  30. Flossy Yuri

    😂😂😂 the final answer was épic

  31. Abi Ward

    Can we just appreciate how lovely and supportive these two are of each other, just goes to show how much we can achieve if just 1 person supports you, really nice to watch! Well done these two :)

  32. Jungkook's girl

    Her brother: really supportive, helps her losing weight and also pays her for it my brother: a neonazi

  33. True Genius

    Real people that aren’t the strongest people on earth can do that

  34. Mohit Bhaskaran

    Even I couldn't do a pull-up 😭😭

  35. Emre Pektaş

    Thats not how you play tablet tennis

  36. The Heretic

    Do it next with 3 guys...

  37. Bubi1

    Back to basics beat you both...

  38. A Random Rat


  39. תומר שמש

    Title: A Day In My Life (School) Video: I can't film in school

  40. Garth Grn

    I played soccer without a soccer ball.

  41. Lennert van den Boogaert

    Rip I had 39😐

  42. samm sssja

    I try to lose weight as well, one year ago I have had 84 kg, my height is 163 cm and I was obese. I now weigh around 69 kg, still overweight, my goal is around 62 kg. Now I aim not only to lose weight, I try to do better pushups as well, make my abs stronger etc. I like how ripped my legs start to look. Even there's an abs line there, even though I am still fat😄 wish me luck girls!

  43. Stan Graus

    Wtf heb nu pas daar da hij Nederlands praat #lovegama

  44. Žiga Vene

    What the hack the last one doing? Is you say that he do push ups?

  45. Hans Müller

    How do you know if you are fit? If you can say of yourself "that you brought Sally up"!

  46. Mohammad Ahmed

    Did ur triceps fall off after doing dis

  47. Revenge

    I’m. To scared to trust you


    Imagine if this was a punishment given to you by a teacher

  49. Jonas Vercoutere

    Browney: "we are still here with a goal" *points at (soccer)goal*

  50. Max Ginsel

    How not to do it

  51. Raphael Venzl

    Sascha Huber wird das easy überbieten. Sascha Huber will this easily beat.

  52. Baran Daniel

    I feel like the cat is an embodiment of the viewers

  53. Amber Lai

    My name's Amber too can you be my brother 😭 I don't even want $500 I'd do anything for that encouragement everyday


    Heb je al een video in nederlands? Zo ja o mooi! Zo nee dat zou leuk zijn!

  55. Kasper Baastrup

    practice 40 hours every day

  56. Sonna

    If I’m already skinny as fuck do I need to run I feel like all that’s do is burn the calories and fat that I need to gain weight

  57. Ghnb Trcv

    Is she realy doing ASMR? the asmr at the end was lit

  58. Hajet Memishoski

    Go watch my 30 second video :D

  59. Jamie Ray

    Your Friends have bought their Push ups from Wish.

  60. Training Tips

    Someone watching this in quarantine?

  61. Žiga Stele

    I mean pull ups are 15 times harder that pushups

  62. Sanjeev Joshi

    You could not make the thumbnail perfect

  63. GUDgrapich

    Technically you can suck the juice, thennnnn you don't lose any testosterone :)

  64. FinnFasty

    Are you Dutch?

  65. Chris Bastajian

    I think i can complete this challenge

  66. Future H.O.F.

    First song name???

  67. Jasguse 411

    4:41 - 5:03 I think you did 61 pushups in 30 seconds.

  68. Moslim Islam

    Is that a dutch accent?

  69. Sinister Psycho Chic

    Why do people measure by CM i do feet and inches i cant math well XD

  70. Conner Babcock

    You did 22

  71. Carla

    Something about the diet didn’t seem right. A whole bowl of yogurt, pancakes with chocolate, stuff like that. I think a protein shake with fruit, an açaí bowl, oats, things like that probably would’ve been better for her. But she put in the work and lost 30 pounds in 3 MONTHS!? That’s amazing! I hope she’s proud of herself, she did great.

    1. Browney

      All the things you named were in her diet

  72. Luka Mijatovic

    Woah nice form mate, but you should look up channel Back To The Basics and see their push ups. They are serbian youtubers.

    1. Browney

      They are in this video haha

  73. Rudolf Melnichuk

    Music beginning?

  74. LA-Pino25 Gaming

    You are a Beast !!!

  75. nour ghazal

    too much bullshit for one video. save some for other vids.

    1. Browney


  76. Aayaan Shaikh

    Arjen did so many more sit ups than browney smash the liek fir yes

    1. Browney

      We both did 1000, that was the entire challenge

  77. Alex Xiander

    These people be like goku and fahjita

  78. chelseaFC4life

    Wow im inpressed with her thats amazing

  79. Janae Ashton

    I’m ten and I can do 40 push-ups in 30 seconds

  80. Kirk Reviews

    I recommend you to do this again! look for me in fiverr and I'll edit yours as good as what you expect me to! my name in fiverr is Kirkedit

  81. Karan Chaurasia

    Please talk more about fat loss

  82. RMA HyperKiller

    When push ups you need to facing in front not facing down ..... fact

  83. Pahadi 94

    I can do 100 pushups in 1min.

  84. Smaug

    Half reps on Browney's side at the end. Try this one with proper clean form and you'll get the official world record.

  85. Aggora Demo

    Kom er nu pas achter dat je nl bent 😂

  86. sadistic sturgeon

    I liked the video about how you faked it. That looked fun.

  87. Imi Zalaba

    Ádám Tari has done 59. Man this record is not about 2 people

  88. Peterolen

    I'm trying to get better at pull ups so that I can pull up people that has fallen through the ice and things like that.

  89. supreetha


  90. Manuel Epstein

    You shoult try a world record for muscle ups

  91. ZRD

    2030 100 pushups in 30 seconds?

  92. Opie

    got to smash a "leak"

  93. Nicholas Wong

    Sometimes I pause for awhile so he can rest a bit

  94. Όνομα Επώνυμο

    What watch you wear

  95. Devrim Ekici

    Doing it everyday is dumb you can’t do the same Muscle every day

  96. Linda De Sévrèn Jacquet

    I didnt know you knew dutch so now i know that you know dutch so thanks for letting us know you knew dutch. I prefer to know more about your knowing's

  97. Peterolen

    The grass looks fake.

  98. VicDeDonut

    i dont know if you know u left the ingredients in dutch (team nederlands)